Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hey. Life is good in Denver. God is good, God is faithful, God amazes me.

So a couple weeks ago I went home for Thanksgiving and was able to be with family and friends and it was wonderful. And then I was sick last week. But now I'm getting better. And in just a few days we're heading to Argentina! Wow. These past two and a half months have just flown by for me, and I'm really excited for outreach. Here's our team:

This past week we had outreach prep, which was preparing for outreach with dramas, learning how to preach, learning how to teach English to kids, skits, songs, games, and other things. I'm in our dance, one skit, and three dramas. My two favorite are Marionettes, which is a really creepy "attention-getter" drama, where I act as a demon and control someone else. It's weird and creepy, but I think it's way sweet. And it'll definitely get people's attention I think. My favorite is Forgiveness, which we act out to a song by Underoath. It's intense at the end, and I think it will definitely move people. I play Jesus.

This week we have one last speaker come in to speak on Bible study. Hopefully I'll learn some good stuff. Then on Thursday at noon we leave the base for the airport. And off to Argentina. Pray for us. Love you all. I'll update if and when I can on outreach. Until then, adios amigos.


Jim MN said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the pic - it will help us visualize as we pray for you and the team. I'm a little jealous as I sit here typing with a temp of 5 outside and thinking of how nice weatherwise it will be in Argentina!

I pray for God to bless and anoint you, Chris, for all you will be doing on Outreach.


Jim MN said...

Sometimes we don't realize how important our prayers are until something comes along to wake us up, like what happened early this morning. Chris, we are with you in prayer as you deal with the loss of Tiffany and Phillip, injuries to Dan and Charles, and the feelings of terror you must have felt in those moments. Ben preached today that Christ has called us to "push back the darkness" and I believe that is what you and your team (and all Christians) are called to do, especially when darkness comes so close.

We love you, Chris.

Leah said...

Hey man, I don't know you, but I'm a fellow YWAMer. I did my DTS last fall in Oregon and as soon as I heard about the shootings, I couldn't even fathom what was happening with you all, right before outreach, losing people who have become like family, the trauma, the questions, the horror... oh my gosh. I have been praying for you all like crazy.